M3 tablet, maximum performance for working with your dimensional information

Specifically designed for the engineer, M3 tablet is a powerful solution for points cloud analysis and automatic extraction of dimensional information for the manufacturing management. It facilitates the access to the information anywhere and anytime. M3 tablet implements the concept of On-Demand digital metrology.


Main advantages of using M3 tablet

Connect and measure

Work online or download  the point clouds and work offline. M3 tablet facilitates the access to the information from any location inside or outside the factory.

Easy  creation of measurement plans

With M3 tablet, creating a measurement plan is very intuitive.  You can group and organize the analysis of a part, and import and export with different file extensions ( .m3, .dmo, .qif)

The widest range of geometries for point cloud analysis

M3 works with 2 and 3 dimensional geometries extraction, constructed geometries,  measurement geometries  and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T).

Automate processes

Use the M3 assistants to automate the entire inspection process without any operator intervention. Reduce time and costs of your measurement processes.

Geometrical measurement

M3 tablet  allows you to obtain  the actual values and the nominal values of a part without having the CAD model to make the measurement.

Measurement reports

Obtain customized reports and statistics of your measurement processes. You also can compare your CAD file with the points cloud: Automatic ColorMapping with CAD.

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