M3 gage, a complete integration in just one workflow

Easy to use, specifically designed for in-line inspection, you can start scanning in few minutes. M3 gage allows you to work with different sensors and components.

Digitize parts of all sizes and materials, obtaining a very precise digital copy of your real part, with a High Fidelity surface representation. M3 gage brings you a complete integration, connectivity and traceability in just one workflow


Main advantages of using M3 gage

Start working in a few minutes

No specific previous knowledge of CAD or metrological tools is needed. M3 gage is specifically designed for the engineer. The scanning process has never been so easy and fast, you only have to connect and inspect.

Traceability in your workflow

You can change between different 3D measurement systems in the same workflow. M3 interacts with different sensors (optical and contact sensors) in a simple and automatic way, obtaining great results.

Total Compatibility

M3 gage is the component which enables to work with different controllers and CMMs system, covering the entire spectrum of metrology, regardless of device, brand or model. You can upgrade your devices, without worrying about future compatibility.

High Fidelity

Point cloud acquisition with a high level of detail never seen before. You will obtain the most complete dimensional information, thanks to the optical capture system of M3 gage.

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