M3 Features

M3 offers a complete integration in a single workflow

Capture and Measurement Process

M3 offers the same workflow for optical and contact measurement, compatibility with most components and 3D measuring devices, and a great traceability in all processes.

Designed specifically for in-line inspection, M3 can handle large volumes of dimensional information, obtaining accurate digital copies of your actual parts.


Connect and Measure

M3 is very easy to use. Start working in a few minutes

No previous CAD knowledge or any other metrological tool is needed for starting to work with M3

  • Simple, intuitive and customizable interface.
  • Easy and fast sensor qualification through an interrelated reference sphere system (more efficiency independently of size, location or composition)
  • Easily import and export machine configurations, capture configurations and scanning programs, thus reducing the necessary capture process time.

Interoperability and Easy Integration

M3 is compatible with various 3D measurement devices

M3 integrates CMM, control, software and sensorics in a single working environment

  • Compatibility with a wide range of 3D measurement devices (CMM machines, arms, laser tracker, controllers, sensors, etc.) available in the market.
  • Retrofit: Enables to considerably reduce the retrofit cost. The user can renew his measurement devices without worrying about a possible incompatibility in the near future.
  • Your measurement possibilities will broaden, regardless of the type or size of the part.


Same workflow for optical and for contact measurement

Choose the best sensor technology for each task

  • Combine touch trigger, analog scanning and 3D laser scanning sensors within the same capture and inspection program.This feature makes it possible to reduce the scan process times, increase productivity as well as improve the quality of the inspection data.
  • Full PH10M, PH10MQ, PHS1 multiwire integration.
  • High Definition (high speed and precision scanning).
  • Combine touch and optical technology for access to difficult areas.


Access to your original information during any phase of the process

M3 stores the raw part information regardless the capture technology

  • Access the original dimensional information from any step of the work process.
  • M3 enables saving the scanning program and the part, which can be exported and imported in any moment.
  • This feature increases the reliability of the retrieved results in any phase of the capture and analysis process.

Massive Information

Capture and manipulate complex point clouds and CAD files

M3’s architecture makes it possible to work with big volumes of data and files

  • Optimized software for the manipulation, acquisition and importing of complex CAD files and big point clouds.
  • Ability to significantly reduce the conversion and projection time with the use of big data sets (CAD files, point clouds…). Avoids bottlenecks in the processing of big volumes.

Process Automation

Wizards and Macros

Completely automate the capture and analysis processes without the intervention of an operator

  • This feature enables the user to notably reduce the measurement times and significantly increase the productivity.
  • Macros: enables us to automate any internal command inside of M3, like programming captures, alignments, results, reports…
  • Wizard: Automation of the capture processes and analysis on a higher level and doesn’t require any interactivity with the machine or the software.


Iterative processes programming logical operator

Iterative processes programming logical operator

  • M3’s exclusive feature that makes it possible to program loops inside a measurement program, which will be interrupted only when the predefined terms are unfulfilled.Thanks to these fast measurements, we avoid having to repeat processes, facilitating a greater speed and precision when obtaining the information.

Automatic Alignments

M3 has a wide range of alignments

It enables automatic alignment of coordinates of the CMM with the coordinates defined in a CAD, in a piece system, etc.

  • M3 allows the creation of new alignments, defined based on certain geometries.
  • M3 works with different kinds of alignments:
    - 3-2-1 Alignment
    - RPS Alignment
    - Best Fit Alignment
    - Translation Alignment
    - Rotation Alignment
    - Offline Alignment
    - Geometric Alignment.

Cloud Storage

Access your dimensional information when and wherever you wish

Store and share your dimensional information in a simple and efficient way.

  • Any department or user can easily access the dimensional information, in any moment and from anywhere with a connection to the internet.
  • Optimization and intelligent management: optimized databases with the purpose of gaining space without the need to loose information.
Information Analysis Process

M3 allows you maximum performance to work with your dimensional information. Access from any computer, online and offline, without being connected to the machine.

M3 offers a wide range of tools (powerful automatic extraction algorithms for points cloud, geometries, measurement plans, ColorMapping, etc.) for optimizing your analysis processes.


Information Analysis

Point clouds (optical and contact) extraction algorithms in a single package

Powerful analysis engine for working online or offline

  • M3 enables the integration of the discrete point clouds analysis (contact) and massive point clouds (optical) in the same package.
  • Easy and fast acquisition of results and information based on the base model using (CAD, 2D plane, prototype piece, pattern piece, etc.).
  • With M3, the CMM machine loses prominence in favor of the software, since once the piece has been captured, you can analyze the information as many times as you wish as well as returning to the original model at any time.


Powerful GD&T analysis package base on international standards

Retrieve high precision data during the analysis of your parts

  • It allows a high precision in the error control and deviations in the manufacturing and assembly processes.
  • M3 includes geometrical and dimensional tolerances based on ISO rules.
  • Special application packages: gears, cams, bearings, blades.
  • Kinds of tolerances included in M3: positional and shape tolerances (orientation, situation and oscillation).

Wide Range of Geometries

2D & 3D extraction and construction geometries


Automatic ColorMapping against CAD

Acquire surface deviations between the digitized part and its CAD

  • You can compare your CAD file with the point clouds in a simple and friendly way with the objective of comparing deformations and deviations of the part (you can select the percentage of points from the cloud that corresponds with the CAD file with which you want to work)
  • Two kinds of ColorMapping can be applied, depending on the needs:
    - Complete ColorMapping: complete comparative between the CAD and the points cloud.
    - ColorMapping by areas: acquire the comparison of specific areas that you wish to analyze between the CAD and the points cloud.

Measurement Plans

Create and manage easily your measurement plans

With M3 it is simple and intuitive to create and manage a measurement plan

  • Depending on the volume of available geometries or geometries that is necessary to study, it’s possible to choose part of them and organize them in a measurement plan.
  • You can run the same measurement plan of all the parts of a project, thus optimizing the production process in a simple way.
  • Exports and imports measurement plans from any project, at any moment.

Work and Program from CAD

Import most CAD formats

Import and Export

Compatible with .QIF, .DMI, .DMO, .CSV and .M3 file extensions

M3 works with different file extensions: .QIF, .DMI, .DMO, .CSV and .M3

  • Thanks to its flexibility and compatibility, M3 makes it possible to work with different file extensions.
  • You can import and export:
    - Measurement plans and results
    - Capture programs
    - Measurement plans
    - Alignments
    - Geometries
    - Etc

PTB Certification

PTB certified algorithms

Measurement Reports

Easily run reports of your measurements

Cartographical and statistical reports

  • Once the analysis with M3 is done, you’ll be able to obtain personalized reports and statistics of your measurement processes, with the exact information needed (from the whole part or just a part).
M3 Add-ons

M3 features several optional applications that enhance the performance of the tool in certain aspects, in order to optimize specific customer needs.

The possibility of obtaining reports and statistics of productivity and performance, or specific applications for certain parts such as blades and gears, are among the main M3 add-ons.



Advanced statistics and reports module

Gear Module

Gear parameter calculation based on the ISO 1328 standards

Blade Module

Special application for measuring blades

Camshaft module

Special application for measuring camshafts

Bearings module

Special application for measuring bearings


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